Rising Stars Schools

What is a Rising Stars School?

We honor the work and commitment of teachers and school staff, but at Rising Stars Schools, we’re not seeing enough improvement. Some Rising Stars Schools are being considered for the Nevada Achievement School District. 

Schools eligible for the Achievement School District are

  • Performing in the bottom 5% of Elementary and Middle Schools in Nevada

  • High Schools with a graduation rate below 60%

What is an Achievement Charter School?

An Achievement Charter School is a neighborhood, public school that serves all students in the zone. Instead of being run by the School District, the school is run by a School Operator or Transformation team that has committed to working with the community to make needed improvements and bring the community vision for the school to life.

How does the Nevada ASD work with families and communities to transform schools? 

Input from families and the community is key for the success of our students and teachers.

How does a Rising Stars School become an Achievement Charter School?

The final decision will not be made until February 1st. Here’s what will happen between now and February 1st:

School Selection Process.2017.10.26.PNG

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